Whether eight or eighty, everyone needs personal growth. Growing—even growing older—is a privilege. Here at LifeSpring, we want to develop mentally and spiritually—not merely add birthdays.

Seniors Programs


Whether enjoying a seniors activity here at the church building, or a program out in the community and beyond, we like to be together, to welcome new participants, and spend our time in worthwhile projects. We are glad for the accumulated years (and hopefully, wisdom), and enjoy every day. But it is more than fun—we want our lives to make a difference. Come and be a part of all this.


Adult Bible Classes and Life Groups provide instruction, discussion, friendship, and fellowship as we explore Biblical, family, and cultural issues. There is always something new to learn about God and life and how these intersect. Seniors study the Bible together in several different Sunday morning classes, and a periodic Wednesday afternoon Bible study. Come and be a part of great studies, fellowship, and—often—refreshments! Click here to find out more about the Bible study options we offer for seniors.


Senior adults have lots of life experience to share, and in a diverse church like this, there are a lot of ways to pass along lessons we have learned. Our seniors serve in our children’s ministry, organize special events, assist with worship, get involved in world missions, and mentor younger adults. We also serve in the larger community through outings, special events, pastoral care, ministering to those with special needs, and in unplanned opportunities which often arise. Lifespring’s Pastoral Care focuses on intentional ministry for shut-ins and those in hospitals and other places of care through visits, phone calls, cards, and gifts so that those who cannot leave their homes stay connected to the church. Our desire is to put hands and feet and heart to our commitment to Christ.

Come and add your wisdom and energy to help meet needs in Jesus’ name.

For more information, please contact Dan Burton.

Seniors Pastoral Care

LOVE God and LOVE people: This mission statement of LifeSpring has opened the door to an awesome and privileged ministry to the home bound! Calls, cards, flowers, treats, and gifts are regularly showered upon LifeSpring seniors who are permanently (or temporarily) homebound.

The Pastoral Care Ministry is a blessing beyond description! With the investment of just a few hours each month, LifeSpring’s visiting teams spend quality time with home-bound folks —getting to know them better; listening to their needs; praying with them; assuring them that they are loved; and, if necessary, intervening and helping to manage crises in their lives. Here are a few other things the teams do:

Meaningful Messages

Appropriate cards are hand picked for the 60-some people on the Shut-in list. These are sent on “special days,” along with personal messages of encouragement and love.

House Church

The team organizes and participates in a once-a-month event we call “House Church.” This takes place at a local retirement community, and includes a home-cooked feast, an old-time sing-along, lots of fellowship, and meaningful devotions.


Each homebound Senior receives a Christmas bag brimming with gifts and homemade goodies.  LifeSpring members volunteer to visit and present the gifts to an extensive list of seniors.  Many blessings come from this time of sharing greetings and love.

Lap Quilts

LifeSpring ‘s “Patterns of Grace” quilting group meets regularly to quilt these beautiful gifts that help keep seniors warm.


LifeSpring’s Pastoral Care ministry is a wonderful outreach tool – impacting families and helping to change lives.

Love God and Love People!

That is our goal as we demonstrate to seniors that LifeSpring is a place where shut-ins are never shut out.

For more information, contact Seniors Pastoral Care Minister Phyllis Sanders at