Global Impact

Global Impact

Global Impact

“Go out into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:18

Please join us in praying for our Global Impact Partners!

We pray for our global partners and for those who will become believers through them. As Jesus taught us, “…your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” (Matt 6:10)

The church is to pray that God will:

  • Send out workers into the harvest – Matt 9:38
  • Open a door for His message – Col 4:3
  • Give them words to tell about God without fear – Ephesians 6:19
  • Spread His message rapidly and that it would be honored – 2Thess 3:1
  • Protect believers by the power of His name so that they may be one – John 17:11

Our partners working internationally need strong prayer support for:

  • Wisdom regarding where to focus their time and energy,
  • God to bring into their lives people who are open to hearing about God,
  • Protection in their struggle against the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil. (Eph 6:12)

If you sign-up to lift up our partners in prayer, you will get updates by email every few months of their current prayer needs.  If a partner has an urgent prayer need for a particular situation, you will receive notice of that as well.

You may print out emails you receive and keep it by your Bible so that you will remember to pray for them regularly.

Please do not post any information you receive about our partners on social media or forward the prayer emails to anyone without permission.  The nature of their work may be very sensitive, and persecution is very real in their parts of the world.  Knowing specific needs can help us pray effectively but can put the work of God at risk if gets into the wrong hand.

Global Impact Partners

Currently, Lifespring has seven strategic partners serving in various places around the world:

Bob & Amy Carter

Focus: Bible Translation
Location: South and Southeast Asia

Lifespring has partnered with the Carters since the 1980s, initially to help translate the Bible for the peoples of the Solomon Islands. Now, as a Senior Translation Consultant, Bob oversees translation teams and trains translators, multiplying his expertise that more least-reached peoples will have God’s Word available in their language.

Affiliated with Wycliffe Bible Translators and The Seed Company.

Tavriski Christian Institute

Focus: Church Leadership & Missionary Training
Location: Kherson, Ukraine; the country of Georgia, and two Islamic countries in Central Asia

With the collapse of Communism and the opening of the former Soviet Union states, Lifespring sent a missionary family in 1994 to forge a partnership with two Ukrainian churches. Because of rapid church growth, TCI was launched in 1997 to train pastors, church planters, and church leaders in Eastern Europe.

TCI grew, and was approached by Christians in nearby post-Soviet countries in Central Asia to establish extension schools, of which there are now three. Through the years, many Lifespring members have traveled to Kherson and TCI, and our church remains a critical partner.

The mission of Tavriski Christian Institute is to train “competent and spiritually mature Christian workers who are able and willing to respond to the needs of the church and society in both the spiritual and the social sphere.”

Missions of Hope International

Focus:  Child Sponsorship, HIV Ministry, Sustainable Development, Community Health Evangelism, and Church Planting Organization: The Hope Partnership (Missions of Hope International and Christian Missionary Fellowship International)
Location:  Mathare Valley, Nairobi, Kenya

(MOHI) was founded in 2000 to bring the hope of Christ to 3 million people living in extreme poverty in the largest slum in Africa.  Its directors and co-founders, Wallace & Mary Kamau, connected with CMF missionaries, and in 2007, CMF invited American churches to partner with the growing work.

Lifespring was among the first to accept the call.  Since then, MOHI has launched 16 faith-based grade schools with over 12,000 students (many of whom go on to high school and college), planted multiple churches, ministered to health needs including providing HIV/AIDS care, and facilitated business development through microfinance and job training.

Lifespring Connections:

  • Dick Alexander, retired Lifespring Senior Minister, is now a CMF consultant with MOHI.
  • Dave and Nancy Moore, Lifespring members, founded Africa Fire Mission in 2014.
  • Robin Cox, Lifespring member, brought Days for Girls to the MOHI schools in 2015.
  • Lifespring has organized many short-term mission trips to the Kosovo school in the Mathare slum in Kenya since 2008.

Many families at Lifespring are currently sponsoring MOHI children at the Kosovo school. Learn more about how you can sponsor a child through CMF International.

Africa Fire Mission

Focus: Building and increasing  the sustainable capacity of fire departments across developing communities.
Location: Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Ukraine

Africa Fire Mission was founded in 2013 by Lifespring members Dave and Nancy Moore. The organization exists to provide fire departments with equipment and training to keep their firefighters safe and to help protect the communities they serve. They also work with existing mission organizations (like Missions of Hope International) in order to equip them with fire prevention and community fire response strategies. AFM utilizes Community Health Evangelism to share the love of Christ with firefighters and community members. In 2019, AFM expanded its work to Ukraine, partnering with Tavreski Christian Institute.

Focus: Training Christian leaders who will transform their communities to reflect the values of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom
Location:  Chennai, India
Latest Newsletter

Lakeview Bible College & Seminary in Chennai, India provides men and women with a life-transforming education that equips them to effectively impact their communities for Christ.  In addition to acquiring a deep spiritual foundation based on Biblical truth and committed discipleship, Lakeview’s students obtain direct hands-on experience ministering to local and cross-cultural communities through weekend ministries and summer internships.  Their time at Lakeview prepares them well to share Christ’s love and offer of salvation in their workplace and local communities.  Lakeview’s alumni lead in many roles among the communities they serve in over 17 Indian states and 7 nearby countries. 

 LifeSpring has supported Lakeview Bible College & Seminary for ~30 years, since Peter & Cathy Ignatius, members while students at Cincinnati Christian University, returned to Chennai to assume leadership of Lakeview. 

Bill and Verna Weber

Focus: Missionary Care & Leadership
Location: Western & Southern Africa

Bill and Verna Weber serve as Regional Directors for Western and Southern Africa for New International (NI). Their main focus is on member care for the missionaries serving in these parts of Africa. As Regional Directors they also help NI missionaries with strategy, effectiveness, personal well being, family care, and financial accountability. They also assist in vetting new recruits to the NI organization, consult in matters of Human Resources, child protection and safety, missionary families, and missionary kids. Bill and Verna served as full-time missionaries in South Africa, taught missions and ministry courses in Bible Colleges and Seminaries, and are uniquely qualified as missionaries who serve missionaries.

International Friendships, Inc.

Focus: To extend life-changing hospitality and friendship to international students out of reverence for Jesus.
Location: Global / Cincinnati

IFI Cincy is a community organization that works in partnership with universities and Christian volunteers to promote friendship and hospitality for international students, scholars, and their families. They seek to help international students and scholars meet practical needs and develop relationships around social, cultural, and spiritual interests. IFI Cincy partners with local churches and other non-profit organizations to provide custom opportunities for local groups to engage in international student ministry.

Lifespring has had members involved with IFI Cincy since its establishment in 2004.  They work with international students studying at the University of Cincinnati in a variety of ways, including being Conversation Partners, hosting dinners and leading Bible studies. In August 2019, the church played a key role in providing and delivering furniture to over 200 international students who had just entered the United States.  With Lifespring’s support, IFI Cincy desires to see God’s love extended globally in partnership with spiritually vibrant international students.