FAQ’s about LifeSpring

What kind of church is this?
We are a church that is all about becoming more like Jesus. The longer answer is that LifeSpring is a non-denominational church in the historic tradition of the Restoration Movement. From our church, we elect elders who provide direction and oversight for Lifespring.

What should I expect here?
To be welcomed, loved, and treated as a valued member of God’s family. During our three Sunday worship services the same practical message from the Bible is given.

What are the worship services like?s
They are uplifting and relevant to everyday life —with time for reflection. The contemporary services are upbeat, with a band leading the songs. The Traditional Service is hymn-based with choirs performing. Each service runs about an hour and contains singing, biblical messages, communion, and offering. You can also check out our messages online.

Is there a dress code?
At LifeSpring, we welcome you to come as you are. You will see as much variety in dress as you see in people.

Is communion part of the worship services?
Yes. Communion is an integral part of worship at LifeSpring. It is the memorial Jesus gave to remind us of the price he paid – his life – for our sins. We take communion at each of our worship services. Anyone who is a follower of Jesus is invited to participate.

Do you receive an offering at your worship services?
While there is no obligation, there will always be an opportunity to give during a worship service (or online). No one is watching to see who gives and who does not. At LifeSpring, we view giving as a chance to give back to God some of the blessings He has given us.

I love coffee in the morning. Do you?
YES! We love coffee too!n You are encouraged to pour a cup and bring it with you into the auditorium as we worship.

What about my child?

We love kids! Age-appropriate programming, with appropriate precautions, is provided for kids during the 11:00 a.m. service. LifeSpring Kids’ programming is high-energy, interactive, relational, and just plain fun. Caring and enthusiastic adult leaders are properly trained and screened to provide a safe and God-centered Sunday experience for your child. We ask that you register your child when you register for the service.

What about my 7th -12th grade student?
The teen years are formative ones. Making good friends, having stable role models and hearing practical messages from the Bible can make a world of difference to help teens deal with the many pressures they face. At 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, there are classes for both Junior High and Senior High students. Staff and volunteer leaders recognize their responsibility to be good examples for your student. At LifeSpring we look forward to walking with you through those developmental years. We ask that you register your child when you register for the service.

How can I get more Involved?
We have many opportunities to get involved — from Bible studies and Life Groups to community service and mission-oriented activities. We offer new member classes and a Starting Point class for new believers. Email info@lifespringchristian.org for more information and opportunities.